Rainy Weekend (or Sunday night with Sarah Vaughan)

I don’t  have any specific reasons, but I just feel like writing an article in English. This is partly because I took a day off last Friday - only three days made me miss the foreign language. This probably explains how I had been immersed into the flood of English, while being at home for three months. Sounds like a story in a 22th century.

Given three days off, I wanted to go on a one-day excursion somewhere in countryside. It was mostly rainy over this weekend though. So I ended up looking after my daughters, reading some books (including a book about midlife crisis - lol), checking the company’s email and so forth. An usual weekend in a nutshell. I almost got accustomed to spending such a colorless weekend in the past three months. People may call it an “improvement,” but this is only a decadence to me (who’s recalling Extreme?) Three holidays would be probably not sufficient as a game changer; I would probably need at least two weeks to explore deep inside of my inner core since it is hidden even to myself.

Anyway, I will need to kick off my routine from tomorrow and keep the momentum until summer break begins. Not sure if I need to stay at home until then. Can’t wait going in a hot spring in the summer!